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In keeping with our strategy, we continually develop innovative products to open up new market segments and address customer needs. Many of Lantal's ongoing projects focus on the development of global debuts as well as the simplification of production methods. 

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Lantal's Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS)

Lantal's Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) covers key aviation industry requirements: cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety, and sustainability.

The PCS illustrates how small changes can have big consequences. 
Adaptive cushions with air-filled chambers replace the foam typically found in aircraft seats. This makes the seat lighter and more comfortable at the same time. Since it was introduced in 2009, the PCS has successfully established itself in the market. 

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Climatex® Lifeguard FR™

Lantal's Climatex® wool/viscose seat covers combine excellent passenger comfort with unique ecological benefits. The materials – wool and viscose – consist of renewable resources, are biodegradable, and produced with ecologically safe processes. Sixteen ecologically unobjectionable dyes have been approved. 

Climatex® Lifeguard FR™ turns climatized seating into reality – thanks to the fabric's thermophysiological ability to absorb, store, and release moisture.

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Self-adhesive carpet coating

Lantal’s self-adhesive carpet coating massively expedites fitting and replacement while perceptibly reducing costs. It works much like Post-it notes:

Carpets with self-adhesive backings protected by peel-off films are easily and swiftly affixed to the cabin floor. 

Because of its economic approach, several airlines such as Lufthansa did generally change to carpets with self-adhesive backing.

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Laser-cut curtains

Produced by laser-sculpting, these Lantal curtains are particularly attractive eye-catchers in Business and First Class cabins. 

Individualized patterns, colors, and degrees of laser-cut transparency make it possible to create signature environments. Curtains can be coordinated with the seat covers or deliberately designed as subtle accents or contrasts. 

The sizes and shapes of lasered areas are freely selectable, and the combinations of colors, textures, and patterns are infinitely variable. 

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Printed blackout curtains

Lantal's printed blackout curtains impose no limits on your imagination.

Every design and any photo can be transferred to the curtain fabric and no restrictions apply with respect to repeat lengths. Additionally, both sides can be printed with different motifs. 

The curtains are made of 100% Polyester FR (Flame Retardant) and can be permanently heat-pleated.

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Sound-absorbing curtains

Higher noise levels coincide with increasing passenger load factors. For this reason, Lantal has developed a sound-absorbing curtain that reduces and attenuates noise levels in the aircraft cabin. 

Additionally, an opaque inlay prevents galley lights from disturbing passengers at night. Thanks to the heat-pleating technique, the curtains can be compactly tied back.

Depending on requirements, Lantal offers two different sound-absorbing curtain versions: The sound-absorbing curtain light and the sound-absorbing curtain extra.

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Polyamide standard carpets

A new generation of polyamide yarns improves the dirt-repelling properties of Polyamide standard carpets. This simplifies desoiling and makes cleaning easier. 

These carpets also offer interesting weight savings and have a very long service life. 

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Conceptual Forecast

Lantals design team looks to the future with a carefully researched forecast of how transportation interiors will evolve. Systematic analysis and evaluation of megatrends as well as of style and design trends are conducted. The result is the trendletter.

In developing soft interior concepts on the basis of the evaluated trends, Lantals design team focuses on customers philosophy and style, but also accommodates the needs of passengers. 

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