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Essentials Stock

Do you have not enough time to develop a customized fabric or carpet for your aircraft? We support you to create an interior concept. Lantal provides a pick-and-fly range, named Essentials Stock, a tastefully selection of pre-coordinated soft interiors.

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Lantal's Essentials Stock collection features classic to contemporary designs and colors including seat cover fabrics, curtain fabrics, carpets, genuine leather, TEC-Leather and wall covering fabric.  The unique concept of this collection:

  • All of its permutations express style, distinctiveness, and taste
  • Are available immediately off the shelf (subject to prior to sale)
  • Mix-and-match easily from one collection and save time

No matter which combinations of fabrics and carpets are chosen, it will match and create a harmonious cabin atmosphere. All Lantal products comply with airworthiness requirements and are easy to maintain.