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Wool / Polyamide carpets

Lantal's Wool/Polyamide carpets are characterized by longevity and high underfoot comfort. They durable suppress static charging and comply with all airworthiness requirements.

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Key facts at a glance

Lantal's portfolio of wool and polyamide carpets is broad: The luster quality features designs with glossy effects. Long-living weight-saving compositions are available in the standard quality range.

Wool / Polyamide

Lantal’s latest-generation hybrid carpets have been optimized with respect to weight and wear. They combine the best properties of wool and polyamide. On the one hand, the wool fiber assures very good looks and on the other, the polyamide fiber improves the carpet’s resilience. Thus, the hybrid floorcoverings deliver numerous benefits.
The new construction not only prevents linting and unwanted brightening but also assures a longer service life in comparison with conventional wool carpets. The principal advantages for our customers are longer maintenance intervals and lower cost.

     Wool/Polyamide 80/20

These 80/20 carpets stand out mainly by virtue of their longevity and high underfoot comfort.  Because of the polyamide fiber content, the carpets achieve better brightening and abrasion resistance results than conventional wool carpets. At the same time, the wool content not only provides better underfoot comfort but because of the special properties of the wool yarn also reduces the susceptibility of the carpet to soiling.

Wool / Polyamide light

Lantal's Wool/Polyamide light carpets stand out with a low weight of 1‘080 g/m2 - 1‘300 g/m2. Their reduced weight results in lower fuel consumption, which not only saves money but also lessens the environmental impact. Additionally, Wool/Polyamide light carpets feature reduced susceptibility to soiling and excellent abrasion resistance, uniting the best properties of wool and polyamide.
The optimized construction of the carpet makes it easy to cut and install. The very good dimensional stability of this carpet quality is a further asset.

Wool / Polyamide luster

The integration of glossy yarns emphasizes colors and designs. They can be creatively woven into the fabric to give Wool/Polyamide luster carpets an elegant technical look.