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Wool blend seat covers

Wool blend seat covers provide a particularly high degree of comfort. They can absorb moisture and return it to the ambient air.

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Key facts at a glance

Our wool blend seat cover fabrics stand out with longevity and wear-resistance. The breathable composition guarantees a pleasant seating experience with a high level of comfort. Additionally, the used Crespino yarn permanently prevents pilling.

Wool blend standard

Lantal’s wool blend standard seat cover fabrics are soft and supple to touch and convince with their outstanding seating comfort. The fabrics are guaranteed and permanent pill-free thanks to the use of Crespino yarn – developed and patented by Lantal. By using this yarn, the lifetime of Lantal’s wool blend seat fabrics is longer compared to conventional wool blend seat cover fabrics.

Wool blend light

Lantal’s wool blend light seat cover fabrics are 15 to 25% lighter than standard qualities. At the same time, they assure excellent absorption of perspiration and regulation of moisture. Therefore, their seating comfort is impressive. Thanks to the use of Crespino yarn, an exclusive Lantal technology patented worldwide, the fabrics are guaranteed pill-free which ensures a long-lasting as-new look of the seat covers.

Wool blend extra

With a subtle matt/gloss effect, these seat covers bring an elegant look into the aircraft interior. Lantal’s wool blend extra seat covers also contain the patented Crespino yarn. Hence, the fabric is guaranteed and permanent pill-free and has a longer lifetime than ordinary seat cover fabrics. Because it absorbs perspiration and regulates air moisture, this quality also assures enhanced seating comfort.