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Doing the right things right

From the first to the last step in production, Lantal spares no effort to deliver the utmost in quality – from raw material sourcing to delivery around the world. The large number satisfied and repeat customers verifies that nothing beats true quality.

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Where quality is concerned, we do not compromise

Quality is an overriding element of Lantal's corporate culture. We are committed to manufacturing products and rendering services of the highest possible quality. Accordingly, we always take the extra effort of doing the right things right. Our Quality Management System, certified to AS/EN 9100 / ISO 9100, constitutes the foundation for this commitment.

Lantal operates in-house laboratories in Langenthal (Switzerland) and Rural Hall (USA). The independent laboratory in Langenthal is accredited as a center for flammability tests pursuant to ISO/IEC 17025. The Rural Hall laboratory is FAA-certified.

The safety of our products is our top priority. We continually test them in our laboratories for compliance with various parameters as well as relevant standards and specifications.

You can find more information about our fire test laboratory here