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News, Lantal Corporate, Aircraft, 26. July 2016

Lantal's Pneumatic Comfort System: Pilot seat for Solar Impulse 2

The round-the-world tour is complete

This flight to Abu Dhabi represents the most incredible moment of this adventure. Bertrand Piccard made one last smooth landing with his solar airplane. After a 48 hour and 37 minute flight, the Solar Impulse landed at 2:05 AM CEST on July 26th in Al Bateen Executive Airport, Abu Dhabi. The solar airplane has now successfully made its full circle around the world, proving that clean technologies can really achieve the impossible. As always, for the Solar Impulse team and their partners there are new adventures to come, a new dream seeking to be achieved.

Round-the-world tour data:
World records: 8
Flights: 17
Cumulated distance: 43 041 km
Cumulated flight time: 558 hours and 06 minutes
Solar energy: 11 655 kWh


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Relive the landing:
Immerse yourself in a Solar Impulse takeoff next to the pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg on Lantals Pneumatic Comfort System Seat: 360 Video
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