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Project management

Lantal manages the entire process from development, engineering, and certification to on-time delivery. You benefit from a single point of contact, streamlined administration, lower costs, and less complexity from start to finish. 

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Key facts at a glance

With a strict and extremely cost-conscious approach to process management and its broad aircraft industry know-how, Lantal will deploy its full resources to make your interior textile project a complete success.

Thanks to the Design Organization (DOA, EASA Part 21 J) status of Lantal’s subsidiary Airline Services Interiors (EASA.21J.129), Lantal can implement Minor Change projects in that a DO/PO Agreement exists between the subsidiary and Lantal. As a Design Organizations, ASI is authorized to develop and approve design data pursuant to EASA.

As a production organization (POA, EASA Part 21 G), Lantal is authorized to manufacture parts according to EASA-approved design data and to ship them with an EASA Form 1. These and many other services make the Lantal Group the ideal partner for your future cabin equipment projects.

Lantal's fast-track solutions cover the entire spectrum from the single part to the complete characteristic ambiance. You can rely on Lantal to handle every detail from start to delivery, including the official STC, MCA or EASA Form 1, depending on your logistics preferences.

Whether refurbishment, retrofits or OEM appointments, Lantal is the ideal partner for your next cabin project.

Project definition

A clean slate is needed to guarantee the success of a project. Accordingly, in a first step together with you, Lantal defines the baseline conditions. This includes budget and cost planning and the preparation of a milestone timeline.

As the customer, you specify the objectives and can monitor both the milestone timeline and the budget.

Development of solutions

You determine which solution is best and sign off the acceptance of the final version.

Product development and approval

As a next step, the finalized solution is prototyped and CAD drawings are prepared. Lantal's subsidiary Airline Services Interiors manages the certification process and also implements minor changes using its status as a development organizations (DOA, EASA Part 21 J). The soft interior parts are subject to various tests, among others as regards their flame-retardant properties (FAR/CS 25.853).

You monitor the process from the prototype and the CAD drawings to the finished product. Production is initiated when you successfully perform the First Article Inspection (FAI).


The product is manufactured according to the approved specifications. At the same time, Lantal prepares the EASA Form 1 or the Certificate of Conformity (CoC).

Customer-specific logistics

The entire post-production logistics phase is organized by Lantal. Apart from an appropriate packaging concept, Lantal also assures on-time delivery. 

All you need to do as the customer is share the logistics details with us.


Depending on what you request, the finished product is delivered with an EASA Form 1 or a Certificate of Conformity (CoC). As the last step, you merely have to install the product at its intended location.