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Tested and inspected

The safety of our products and their compliance with all relevant standards and specifications are pivotal factors in our customer relationships. This is why we place great emphasis on obtaining the applicable approvals and certifications. With sustainable success.

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Our approvals and certifications are listed below

Production Organization Approval

Lantal Textiles AG is a production organization (PO) approved by the national civil aviation authority.

EASA Form 1 for Parts

Based on the DO/PO arrangements, Lantal can issue an EASA Form 1 as a certified Production Organization (PO).

Design Organization Approval

Lantal’s subsidiary ASI is approved as a Design Organization (DO) by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). As such, it is authorized to develop, test, and approve modifications of aircraft cabin components.
The scope of the approval as defined by EASA applies, among other things, to ready-made parts such as precut carpets, cut and sewn seat covers, and pleated curtains as well as minor aircraft interior modifications associated with such products.

AS / EN 9100

The Quality Management System (QM) operated by Lantal Textiles AG is certified to AS/EN 9100. It is based on our ISO 9100 certification. This assures that our products can be trusted to fulfill customer-specific requirements.

ISO/IEC 17025

Lantal's independent laboratory is accredited to perform fire tests pursuant to ISO/IEC 17025. This accreditation allows the laboratory, within the scope of applicability of the approval, to perform fire tests with materials and components used in the interiors of aircraft and rail vehicles.

Approved Airbus and Boeing supplier

This accreditation confirms that Lantal products comply with Airbus and Boeing requirements and can be delivered within the specified schedule.