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In keeping with our strategy, we continually develop innovative products to open up new market segments and optimally address customer needs. Lantal is pursuing various projects, focusing on the development of global debuts as well as the simplification of production methods. 

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Our goal is to provide added value for our customers by questioning ingrained habits but also by looking far beyond the obvious. 

This resulted in the following innovations:

Lantal's Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS)

Lantal's Pneumatic Comfort System (PCS) covers key aviation industry requirements: cost-effectiveness, comfort, safety, and sustainability.

The PCS illustrates how small changes can have big consequences. 
Adaptive cushions with air-filled chambers replace the foam typically found in aircraft seats. This makes the seat lighter and more comfortable at the same time. Since it was introduced in 2009, the PCS has successfully established itself in the market. 

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Configurator app

To guarantee excellence in our customer relationships, we not only continually refine our products, we improve our services as well. Lantal's Configurator app makes it possible to visualize entire interior concepts in three dimensions within seconds. All Lantal collections and extensive portions of Lantal's product range have been digitized.

The Configurator app is available for the Bus market. 

Conceptual Forecast

Lantals design team looks to the future with a carefully researched forecast of how transportation interiors will evolve. Systematic analysis and evaluation of megatrends as well as of style and design trends are conducted. The result is the trendletter.

In developing soft interior concepts on the basis of the evaluated trends, Lantals design team focuses on customers philosophy and style, but also accommodates the needs of passengers. 

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Climatex® Lifeguard FR™

Lantal's Climatex® wool/viscose seat covers combine excellent passenger comfort with unique ecological benefits. The materials – wool and viscose – consist of renewable resources, are biodegradable, and produced with ecologically safe processes. Sixteen ecologically unobjectionable dyes have been approved. 

Climatex® Lifeguard FR™ turns climatized seating into reality – thanks to the fabric's thermophysiological ability to absorb, store, and release moisture.

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Videoclip: Bionic Partition

All of our innovations

You can find further innovations in our Aircraft, Bus, Train, and Executive markets. 

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